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I am now offering an *optional* annual subscription service, which gives you:

• Every record I've ever made. Every record I will make. All available as MP3/FLAC
• Exclusive albums like "Ghost Vault" with more to come
• 10% discount on all Vinyl/CD's bought on Bandcamp, now and in the future
• Unlimited streaming of all my records to your mobile

And most importantly, knowing that you are *directly* supporting the music I make. giving me the opportunity to spend more time to work on doing what I love. This is the crux of what a subscription service is all about and the reason why I finally pulled the trigger on it. It's a means for the most generous fans to directly sustain the future of this musical project of mine, making a real difference and offering me new opportunities to keep writing and releasing music.

I hope that this is reasonable and I can't thank you all enough for your support over the years!

Dennis / 36

What you get:

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
36 (pronounced three-six) is the ambient / experimental project of Dennis Huddleston from the United Kingdom.


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